Reserve Fillmore Valve FAQs

1. Do I need a special pump for the Fillmore valve?
- No special pump needed. Fillmore uses the same standard pump interface as the Presta valve

2. How long is the warranty period?
- We offer a lifetime warranty for the original owner.

3. Can I add sealant directly through the Fillmore valve?
- Yes, you can direct-inject sealant through the valve simply by removing all pressure in the tire and using either a syringe style injector with tube, or cutting the top of the sealant bottle to size. The Fillmore has no valve core to remove or get in the way.

4. Will the valve fit my wheel?
- 50mm Fillmore valves will fit a minimum 18mm and maximum 28mm deep rim, which covers most modern mountain bike rim designs.

5. Do all pumps and tire pressure gauges work with Fillmore valves?
- Although we can't guarantee all pumps and tire gauges will work with Fillmore valves, we have tried most of the pumps and gauges on the market today and have found very few exceptions where there are function issues. There may be some pumps out there that will not work correctly.

6. Are they compatible with tire inserts like CushCore?
- Yes, compatible. The poppet pushes against the insert when you release pressure, so it can take a bit of additional force on the cap to let the air out of the tires.

7. Where are they available?
- Fillmore valves are available for sale on HERE and other online channels, as well as your local independent bicycle dealer.

8. Can I use them on my road bike?
- Current 50mm Fillmore valves will only fit rims up to 28mm in depth. As a result, Fillmore valves do not fit the majority of the road rims on the market. You can confirm by checking the depth of your rim on the rim manufacturer's website.

Longer Fillmore valves with increased compatibility for deeper road rims will be available in Spring, 2022

9. Can ride without the cap on the valve?
- Yes. While we recommend keeping the cap on for best practice and for the micro-adjust feature, there are no issues with riding the bike with a missing cap. The system is designed to hold tire pressure with or without an air cap.

10. I’ve lost my cap, how do I get a new one?
- Contact our Rider Support team for replacement parts

11. Are they rebuildable?
- No, Fillmore valves are not rebuildable. They use a durable 7000 series aluminum body combined with a sturdy one-piece stainless steel internal rod. If you ever have any trouble, you can contact us about your Lifetime Warranty.

12. Are they compatible with TyreWiz?
- No, Tyrewiz requires you to remove a presta valve core to install the TyreWiz and the Fillmore's high-flow, no-clog design does not have a valve core.