Derailleur Hanger Kit 142 Thru Axle

Derailleur Hanger Kit 142 Thru Axle


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Derailleur Hanger Kit for:
142 Thru Axle

Derailleur hanger kit for all models with a 142mm thru axle dropout as well as the V10.5 and V10.6.

Tallboy LT 1 C
Tallboy LT 1 AL
Tallboy 2 C
Tallboy 2 AL
Tallboy 1 C
Tallboy 1 AL
Superlight 29
Superlight - Juli 1 & 2 AL
Nomad 3 C
Nomad 2 C
Nomad 2 AL
Juliana Superlight 2 AL
Juliana Superlight
Juliana Roubion 1 C
Juliana Origin
Juliana Nevis 1 C
Juliana Juno
Juliana Joplin 1 C
Juliana Joplin 1 AL
Juliana Furtado 1 C
Highball 2 C
Highball 1 C
Heckler 7
Bronson 1 C
Bronson 1 AL
Blur XC 2 C
Blur TR 1 C
Blur TR 1 AL
Blur LT 2 AL
5010 1 C
5010 1 AL

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